I love to work, the busier I am the happier I ’ll be and helping people with their businesses is what I enjoy most.

​My background is in retail, at most senior levels of management, which enable me to grow quite a wide skill base, including human resources, payroll, business start-ups and office administrations. Within my roles I trained and mentored countless people to help them earn their promotions within the companies.

​With 20 years experience dealing with customers, both internal and external, I have an understanding of what customer expectations are and how to achieve them.

​Meeting deadlines, putting together presentations, completing clerical work and controlling finances are just some of the tasks I would complete on a daily basis.

​In 2019, I decided to take my enthusiasm for paperwork and passion for helping people and became a Virtual Assistant. I started my own business offering administrative services to companies on a remote basis.  This was to help minimise the cost to the companies, as not all of have the space or equipment to facilitate a person work along side them.   It also gives myself and the customer more flexibility in the way we work together.  

Becoming a mother showed me how important the balance is between work and family, and how hard it is to achieve in modern society, so if I can help a person or a business to get a better balance, I'm having a great day.

Let's start growing your business!

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