Packages available

From just over an hour per week average, you could gain back so much more than that!  That could be your calls answered, monthly reports created or scheduling your social media posts.

This could be a project research, data collection and input or your email management covered.  What could you achieve with an extra 10 hours a month?

With 20 extra hours a month to expand your business or spend time with the family without the worry of your admin tasks being ignored, what a difference that would make!

Need something a bit more bespoke to your business or have a one off project you need help with?  

Not a problem, we can have a chat, see what you need and how it can be achieved!

Additional Services

You go on holiday but it never seems likes a break because you're always checking work emails or social media!  

Wouldn't it be great to finally have some quality time off?

Well now's the time for that to happen.  Here at Jen Organises Things, it's all about helping people find that work-life balance and there is no time more important than when you're on holiday!

Need a day off for a wedding, a conference, a trade show or just to recharge? We've got you covered!

If there are other services you need covering so you can have the time off you deserve, not a problem!

Let's start growing your business!

Let me know what you need help with and we'll schedule a call to discuss.